Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sushi for kids

As ever, trying to keep packed lunches/teas interesting is not such an easy task (especially when your darling charges require 3 of them a week). So after asking the advice of a gardener (you'll find I've already exhausted all my nanny friends' ideas) I came up with this. Exceptionally tasty and child-friendly sushi!

This was really one of the quickest and easiest meals I've made in ages, and one that the children are desperate for me to repeat ("can we try it with seaweed next Abi? please?"- adventurous London children). As usual, I had exactly none of the equipment that all the websites and recipe books suggested, so I invented a sushi board out of tinfoil folded over lots and covered in clingfilm.

makeshift sushi board complete with enormous sushi roll.

After that it was simply a case of following the instructions on the packet of sushi rce (extra sticky and purpose made). For the filling I used tuna mayo and sweetcorn, topped with cucumber and red pepper. All this required was flattening a layer of rice onto the sushi board, topping with tuna and then the veg. Roll the rice over using the board to help, one side at a time until the seam disappears. I then put it in the fridge for half an hour before cutting the rolls up. This requires a much sharper knife than I had so my presentation was not the neatest that it could have been, but all in all a great success!). 

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